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Confusion on the New Patch Fixes for the Money Hacks in Grand Theft Auto 5

The team at Rockstar Games is creating a new patch that will fix the money hack problem in GTA Online. The Gameranx report, which was published on the 30th December, claimed that many people want to know how Rockstar Games will be removing the illicit money from the GTA Online game. The latest patch is expected to remove all in-game currency that is earned illegally through the use of hacking tool. Rockstar Games did not mention how they will be removing the money that the player used to purchase properties. If they decided to take action, it will affect honest players. Players who are worried about this can contact Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games hasn’t reveal when they will be launching the new patch. Recently, it has launched a patch to ban all servers that are modified in the GTA 5 Online. This shows that they are already taking actions to control the activities of the hackers in the multiplayer GTA 5 hack tool online game. Rockstar Games is launching a number of DLC packs for the game. You can check out the screenshots of the GTA 5 in the slideshow located on the left side.

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